Literary Speed Dating: Reflections, Tips, and All You Need to Know.

Wednesday, March 11, Come Early for: – a short Pitching session with Will of OutLoud Speakers School – Talk to Equivesto about getting ready for investors, your startups valuation and more – Meet local startup Catapult Brewery and try some of their beer! Did I mention the open bar? How does the investor Speed Dating Work? Once you have checked in and have your name tag. Fill out the investor speed dating form. Spots are limited. Investor Speed Dating is a new portion of Startup Drinks and we are still experimenting. Want to pitch?

7 Strategies For Making A Match At Literary Agent “Speed Dating” Events

Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. The dataset supporting this article is available in the electronic supplementary material. Inter-individual differences in human fundamental frequency F 0, perceived as voice pitch predict mate quality and reproductive success, and affect listeners’ social attributions.

Although humans can readily and volitionally manipulate their vocal apparatus and resultant voice pitch, for instance, in the production of speech sounds and singing, little is known about whether humans exploit this capacity to adjust the non-verbal dimensions of their voices during social including sexual interactions. Here, we recorded full-length conversations of 30 adult men and women taking part in real speed-dating events and tested whether their voice pitch mean, range and variability changed with their personal mate choice preferences and the overall desirability of each dating partner.

Literary Speed Dating ; Date 10 Jul, – 17 Jul, Cost $25 per pitch. Online event by the Australian Society of Authors. A room of publishers and agents.

The event, which was organized by the U. The idea was simple. Last year, for example, BBVA connected with more than 1, fintech start-ups around the world via its Open Talent contest and helped them reach other potential customers and clients. The UK is not just a world leader in fintech, we are also a world leader in promoting our fintech capability through events like this.

The focus of the 12 firms at the event ranged from identity protection to innovative forms of credit scoring and regtech to cross border SME payment solutions. They explained how their product solved a core problem for financial services – how do you offer personalized rule-based investing at scale. Their modular B2B solution allows clients to invest in specific areas that they are interested, combining the best of human and AI machinery.

Another pitching was iProov who provide secure facial recognition identity authentication, via a range of devices including mobiles, for online users using facial recognition. They outlined how their innovative facial recognition system uses a unique lighting method, which changes every time someone offers an image for authentication, to minimize fraud. As well as purely fintech solutions, BBVA is also running an ideas competition aimed at finding a solution to the issue of what a good banking model could look like in the current era of historically low interest rates.

Money Mover is the new, secure and low-cost way for individuals and businesses to make global payments in a range of currencies.

Startup Speed Dating and Vegan Drinks | Berlin

Email address:. Elevator pitch speed dating. Imagine it is something that dates to share with other. How to present your elevator pitch — pitch olympics, practice.

This year’s Bread & Jam Festival is to include a ‘speed dating‘ event that will allow food and drink entrepreneurs to pitch ideas to investors, with.

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. Networking is essential for every startup. Through the Speed Dating segment, Tech in Asia Singapore provides the platform for startups to pitch directly to keen investors. Below are eight of them startups can look forward to pitch to this May 15 and PT Indonusa Dwitama has a vision to process available natural resources and human resources efficiently, innovatively and responsibly for the society at large.

The team behind Burda Principal Investments BPI aims to create long-term capital gains free from limitations arising from fund structures and holding periods. BPI provides long-term growth equity for fast-growing digital technology and media companies. Global Brain Singapore not only invests in startups, but also supports them. With strong connections across Japan, APAC and America, startups under their wing are able to enter overseas markets through partnerships across borders.

In addition, hands-on support is provided in areas such as business development, recruitment and marketing. In the rapidly evolving fintech arena, Mandiri Capital Indonesia serves an important role of connecting investors and entrepreneurs. Operated by Bank Mandiri, the company leverages on their deep financial expertise and large network of merchants and customers to help fintech startups scale quickly.

With the aim to create positive disruptions in the fintech sector, the company provides smart money for entrepreneurs in the accelerating ecosystem to expand into international markets.

Matchmaking session

Location House of Green. Contact Anne Bollerup Friisberg abj stateofgreen. Currently running in New York City, Munich, Singapore, and the two Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus, the program aims to solve city problems through multi-stakeholder challenges and open innovation, as a way of accelerating technology and solution knowledge sharing between cities, and to offer better testing opportunities for vendors.

City representatives from the project cities will post city challenges and the participants in the event will have the opportunity to speed date the city representatives in order to share knowledge and form initial connections. In the fall , Access Cities partnered with the City of Copenhagen to solve the pressing issue of air pollution and urban heat island effect in Copenhagen.

At the event, you are invited to participate in the Pitch Final and Award Show.

The trouble could lie in the fact that you don’t have a concise and sharp networking pitch. We had a fantastic Speed Dating session on 11th May.

Identifying possibilities for future collaborations in the Beyond Chocolate partnership. It is your challenge to find partners for your project ideas. You should develop, write and introduce a concept note by the end of January The matchmaking session is a two-step thing. First you pitch your idea by briefly answering 5 questions. This will allow for the audience and facilitators to decide if they want to have a talk with you in the speed dating session afterwards. By pitching your rough ideas to our plenary room you are more likely to find the partners that bring the know-how, expertise or competencies you need to tackle the challenges ahead.

The scope of the matchmaking session can be broader.

The ‘Speed Dating’ Approach

Twenty-one Fremantle Press authors were given just two minutes to pitch themselves and their books. The speakers were all very unique and lively in their presentations, and gave excellent examples of how their skills, expertise and professional backgrounds could be beneficial for potential workshops, interviews, school events or book clubs. From the comedic allure of Jon Doust, to the suspenseful drawl of Yuot A.

Speed Dating meetings with investors will be pre-arranged for all participating startup teams. FEES. All selected startups will receive a deeply discounted.

Register if you are: 1. An entrepreneur with an idea looking for a co-founder. An entrepreneur at heart looking for a start-up to join. Focused on Cyber. Our intensive 4-month program is aimed to help our portfolio companies gain traction, raise capital, and work with industry leaders. Fusion provides both a presence and a customized go-to-market strategy in Los Angeles. During the program, we assist the companies with meeting investors, like-minded entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals — all in order to adapt their branding, marketing and sales strategies to the US market.

Furthermore, we help our companies raise capital by connecting them to local investors in LA and Silicon Valley. Prior to their US arrival, our founders participate in a boot-camp that takes place in Tel Aviv.

Solving city challenges and Pitch Finale of Copenhagen Open Innovation Call

Info and Support. Make your business matchmaking work. We may live in a hyper-connected word, but research has shown that successful connections still depend on face-to-face meetings.

Agency Speed Dating will cut the faff and get straight to the pitch. This event series could be a quick and free way for brands to assess what’s.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Please select an option. Privacy Policy. The program evolved from Biotech Networkshop and is organized in partnership between Ascenion and Max Planck Innovation. Startups from all life-science areas e. The top 10 startups will compete for a BioVaria Startup Award in the following two categories:.

Pitch your business to investors and industry. Teams will be chosen either for the pitch competition or a quick pitch. Winners of the pitch competition will receive a BioVaria Startup Award and media exposure.

The Dots – Freelancer Speed Pitching events

We are now going to take some time to review the feedback and shape the event. More details coming soon. How can businesses connect in the age of social distancing? Can you really do a deal over a video call? One of the myriad ways in which Covid is disrupting normal life is the removal of that most fertile of business opportunity arenas: the live event.

VC Speed Dating. Where high-potential companies pitch investors and make deals. TechPoint connected an unprecedented 40 venture capital and investment​.

How does it work? Then at , they go into the Pitch Room to meet the producers – one at each of the stations. We ring a bell, writers have two minutes to pitch. We ring a second bell, producers have two minutes to respond and ask questions, or give feedback. Writers bring a packet with a synopsis, bio, cast breakdown and production requirements to leave with each of the producers.

If the project interests the producer, he may request that you send a full script. Meanwhile, group two is in the Coaching Room getting coached for an hour starting at Second group goes into the Pitch Room at We estimate that pitches and turnaround should take about 50 minutes total for all eleven. We will have wine and cheese afterwards, so although the pitch sessions will end at around , we hope writers and producers will stay and chat informally until 9pm or so.

Pitch 50 – Co-Founder Speed Dating & Pitching #20